Silicone Bottles

Our silicone bottles are engineered for durability, leak-protection and ease of use. The 85mL (2.9oz) size maximizes the quantity of liquid you can bring while still complying with TSA regulations for travel bottle size. The soft material feels great in the hand, and is easy enough to squeeze that you can be assured you won’t be left with liquid in the bottle when it’s almost empty.

Mesh Liner

Our mesh bag is designed to hold five of our silicone bottles snugly across its length. If you stick with three bottles, you’ll have plenty of room for any other liquids you might want to bring along, or, get five bottles and fill the whole thing up! The pouch is the same dimension as a quart-sized plastic bag and is transparent and therefore TSA 3-1-1 compliant.

Felt Bag

Our durable felt bag is optimized to hold our mesh liner in one half, leaving the other half free for your existing toiletry items. The bag is fully lined with nylon and features a robust zipper and hanging hook.