Get on board with the Correct Travel kit.

Make travel painless – our kit includes everything you need to get your toiletry kit organized, keep everything in its place and fly through airport security.

The Correct Travel Kit comes with:

  • 3, 4, or 5 silicone TSA-compliant 3oz (85ml) bottles
  • 1 mesh TSA-approved liquids storage bag
  • 1 lined felt outer bag with carry-strap

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Bring Your Favorite Products

Each kit includes 85mL (2.9oz) silicone bottles – large enough to hold more than a week’s worth of your favorite body wash, shampoo, conditioner, or whatever.

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Keep It All Organized

Our mesh bag is the organizational tool you didn’t know you needed. Slide your bottles and other toiletries in and keep everything in view. Never dig through your bag again.

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Arrive In Style

Stylishly neutral, our durable felt bag fits in anywhere. Our kit is smartly designed to precisely accommodate our mesh liner in one half – the rest is up to you.

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Triple leak protection
Our silicone bottles have a locking collar design, negative-pressure nozzle, and specially designed cap to make leaks nearly impossible (believe us, we tried). 

Strong, squeezable silicone
Flexible yet strong, our bottles can withstand the hardest of squeezes. And the best part: they feel awesome in your hand. You won’t want to let go. Seriously.

Durable nylon mesh bag
Going through airport security and dealing with the TSA is not the most pleasant experience. Instead of rifling through your bag for individual liquids or carrying around a nasty quart-sized plastic bag, you can now put all of your liquids in one easy-access place.

Convenient hanging hook
Some people like to set their bags down, some people like to hang their bags on the door handle. We made it easy for you to do either. Whatever floats your boat.

Hard-wearing felt
Our 5mm 60-40 natural felt blend is designed to withstand even the roughest of frequent travelers. Did you know that the majority of felt produced is used to clean and polish floors? We didn’t either, but it makes sense that this would be one of the most durable yet soft materials you can buy.

Heavy duty brass zipper
The worst part about most bags is that the zippers suck. They snag, your fingers get pinched, and the pull tab (yes, that’s apparently the official name for it) falls off. Fear not, we invested in a heavy duty brass zipper to make sure none of these terrible things happen.

Who We Are

We’re Correct Travel, and we want you to travel correctly. After years on the road ourselves, we’ve come to appreciate the little things. Like being able to buy a complete toiletry starter kit that has high-quality items you will actually use, isn’t flimsy, and also looks cool.

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